Alright! Sch is over! And now is the preparation week for my examination, but have been out for 3 days to relax myself! Hahaha, 1 of the best day was, my frens and I went shopping at this place call Harbour Town (sounds like Harbour Front) where they sell all the branded stuff at low price! Hehehe! And I have made some great deals!

I bought 2 Levis jeans!!! Is LEVIS ok! First time in my life, always wanted to buy! 1 engineered jeans and the other is what 939, more girly. keke. Each @ you know, AUD$39.95!!!! So damn cheap!!! Convert back to SG is $50!!! Is it cheap??? Though abit outdated, but u know is Levis!! can you get that price in SG??? LOLZ. NO WAY man!!!

The I also bought 1 Nike jacket!! AUD $18!!!! is SDG $23! Heheh, so cheap cheap lehz.. Then had some nice chinese food.. Have fun, we din finished the place, we were still left with around half a place!!! Haha, we will go there another time!! Keke

Anyway, will post the photos shortly! See ya!

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