Alright man! Finally after so many days! I have found a new blog website that I like, that do not have banners, template not bad, can upload photos, is free and not a high profile blog site! =D So happy right now! I must start to be hardworking and keep up on updating my blog man! Hehe.

For today, me and my frens went to Sunnybank to have a feast and did some grocery shopping. We reached the meeting place that we agreed early and waited for the rest. Then at about 12pm, my frens reached and I was excited about getting to Sunnybank as I can feel that my stomach is going to grumble soon (haha), but suddenly, I heard somone said, “Zhixiong and his frens are coming also.” So well, we waited, and just ard 30 secs, Zhixiong appeared! But, he was the only person I saw and he said, the rest are on their way coming and then…. we waited for an hour! Hahaha…. and my stomach kept grumbling and grumbling….

Anyway, after they reached, we got on to the bus and head down to Sunnybank and EAT. I have been having this crave on this particular dish call “si chuang ji” at this resturant in Sunnybank and I finally get to eat it hot again! It was simply delicious, anyway, I wonder, if it was because of my hunger. Hehe.. =P

Ok lunch, we just went for some grocery shopping, nothing much happened. Then after that, when I got home! I received a good news from my hsemate, her sister has finally got pregnat! Hahaha, she was shocked and she can finally be auntie! Which you know y, she want to play with the kid! HAHAH, she should go and give birth also. WAHAHAHA.

Alright, that should be all for today, I am going to continue to explore with this blog. hehe, GAMBATE!

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