Received this msn msg from jas: “u read li’s blog”, then took the web url and read it. li’s mom has been diagnosted with lung cancer and is the 3rd stage.. she will only be able to live for another half to a year if she goes thr chemotherapy. Was not able to take it when i saw it, broke down and sob.

I have been with li since I was in sec 3, since then I have been going to her place as and when we are bored and we are just a few blocks away.. Though I seldom talk to her mom, but have been saying hi and bye for the past few years.. to think I have to say last bye soon, it is the last thing that I would expect.

Called jas to talk over it, silly girl for feeling guilty for telling me. I’m glad that I am not the last to know and would like to give li a call to try to comfort and encourage her. Though I am not sure if I can handle the stuitation when we are on the phone..

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