Went to yifan’s place to visit her today, glad to see that she and chengdong is doing well and fine. Get to touch her big stomach. Is so different from us! Had a good feast at her place and she brought us to some places to look ard.

Was happy and sad at the same time throughout the whole journey, thinking too much abt lili and her family makes me felt unbearable. Feeling very sad for her when she has to go through the whole process of seeing someone close to her getting sick and nearing the grave each day.. This is a torture for her and the family. Seeing her msn nick: “cherish every moment”, can feel that she is sad but trying hard to face the reality to cherish every single moment she has with her mom.

Was talking to her on the msn, can see that she is putting effort to make her mom happy. But I just feel so sad.. I don’t know if I can handle this if it really happens on me. *touch wood* Now, I really hope I can be back in sg soon to stay by her side to help and support her..

*Life is short, Treasure it*

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