Oh man… was supposed to ship boxes back to sg yesterday, and the stupid driver did not turn up. So we made a call to the company and you know what they say????

Ship: “Our driver is on MC for 2 days! You can bring down ur stuff to us today or tomorrow. If not you will have to wait till Monday.”

Damn it man… the whole company only has 1 driver?????? Where are all the rest of them? At that moment the only thing I can think of is they did on purpose just because we are shipping to SG. (That stupid hanging case..)

After we have come to a decision that we want a pickup on Monday afternoon, JY called the company and is either busy or no one answering. So ended up, we sent an email for our request.

And Today, they didn’t call us nor reply our email! In the end we called them, busy again. So well, we left home to the city to have a haircut. After the haircut and lunch, we tried to call again and this time round another round of suprise! >_

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