Again, I am back to my mess of things! Finally willing and having the time to read thr all the details of shipping my stuff. Will be using the services from this company Jetta Express to ship my things back. The rates are really cheap as compared to airline charges. Over 15kgs – $2.80/kg, over 45kgs – $2.35 and over $100kgs – $2.25. BUT, after requesting for rate information, as usual, there are more than what it was. So, there is Security Fee – $35, Airline Tax – $30, Insurance – $20 and Pickup fee – $30 for under 100kgs, $40 for 100-200kgs.
But well, lucky I will be shipping my stuff with my frens, so we will be sharing all these addtional cost!

While I was packing, I realised that I have bought way too much food stuff… and now I am having a headache of how shd I bring back.. the next thing that I have to do now is to read through SIA website with regards to hand carry luggage. Does anyone knows if hand-carry luggage is limit by weight or volume? Kekeke.

I have things that I still want to buy and how???? How to pack it man.. tian arrrr…

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