Events that happened to me today. It made me feel frustrated and disappointed with myself.

  1. Busy with the terrible nightmare of the school project that make me feel exhausted and demoralised.
  2. Darling talking to me about his current job status.
  3. Channel 8, 9pm show. The guy actor said these to his youngest son and daughter-in-law while having dinner with the whole family inclusive of his wife, eldest son and daughter-in-law.
    Him: If you decided to expand business overseas, we will have lesser time to spend time to have dinner just like now. You will be busy looking for business and customers, begin to worry about maintaining the business, the salary of the workers, the pricing of the product, the bonuses, etc.. Just earn enough will do. 知足常乐。
  4. I heard about a colleague tendered.
  5. Then Xoozlez helped me design the UI template for my school project. When I opened it, I was like WOW! She is really talented in web design. I was very happy for her and at the same time, I envied her. She has strong passion in web design.

With all these events happening.. Sudden anguish makes me feel so disappointed and demoralise about my current stitutation. I don’t like my job though I do not hate it. I hate the working hours yet I cannot bear to part with the pay. I am not a high flyer at job but I am not bad an employee as well. I have no passion in my job, yet I don’t know what I like to do. And best of all.. I need money for this big year..

I’m not going to have any answers now.. :(

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