I have finally shifted into my own place! A place where I owned it! Totally love this bird nest of ours.

Quiet and feels like we are so near to the nature. Get to listen to the chirping birds sounds, enjoy the light breeze at times.

Nowadays, I just feel like staying home, to the extend of not working to go work. Haha.. How I wish I can work from home or the best situation is that I don’t need to work any more!

I just love my home now! =D

One thought on “Moved!

  • November 18, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    I'm coming to your review now that I've written my billet. I try not to be influenced by other reviews.The quote you put is among the ones I selected. Your review is excellent and explores a side of the book I didn't touch in mine. It's full of interesting themes to explore, isn't it? I need to read the other volumes of the Zuckerman series. Guy: I'm surprised you didn't like Poo9yrn&#3t;s Complaint. Too rife with sex? I would have thought you'd enjoy that type of character. I thought it was huge fun. (It quite expand my English vocabulary for dirty words, though) Emma

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