My biggest present for this year is that we managed to shift into our new place before my birthday! I am so thankful for this to has happened!

Birthday celebration with hubby is simple this year. We went to Lolla for dinner! Yummy~ darling also arranged a small surprise for me by getting the waiters and waitress to sing birthday song to me! It was really surprise yet embarrassing moment!!! The good in this restaurant is interesting and very creative. You can simply treat their food like a tapas dish. But is certainly not good for the pocket! I am sure that I wouldn’t go there for a meal for no reason as the cost is ermmm.. Haha.. a hold was burnt in his pocket! But if somebody were to give me a treat, I will definitely go! Keke.

A few of my ex-colleagues also had Pre birthday celebration for me by having a simple dinner. It was full of fun and laughters! Is been quite some time since we last gathered.

Though I’m utterly disappointed and sad too. Didn’t received any birthday wishes from a group of close friends, especially disappointed with one of them. I guess, it has always been one sided. Or people just change. Till today, I still feel sore over it. But I need to move on, not sure if I will feel as close any more. Will just move on.

However, I had a pleasant surprise birthday wish from a lost friend. Thanks!

After all, is still a happy birthday for me! Is time to sleep and heal my sore heart.

2 thoughts on “My Birthday 2013

  • July 31, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    woman………. i’m so sorry you feel this way but you must know i’m sure that we didn’t forget intentionally!! just so you know, ks n gracie suffered from food poisoning after we came back from phuket and that was a bad week.. and honestly, i’m always relying on others on starting the bday roll coz i dont keep a bday calendar. but those are no excuses for forgetting, and i’m terribly sorry that i contributed in making you feel bad. it is never my intention, and i believe not any of the other 2 as well. so here’s what i missed: “happy belated bday, my dear friend!” as the saying goes, “better late than never”. and please don’t feel bad. else we’ll feel bad as well. and know what while our lives have caught up with us in different ways, we are all still here. if we forget to reach out to you, we still have you in our hearts. be cheery and i’ll see u this sunday!

  • September 17, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Hehe… now then i see this.. i am ok liao lah.. no worries. ^_^

    I was very happy to see you, ks and gracie on last sunday! all healthy and good now! really happy. really no worries anymore. =D

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