Today is Valentine’s Day. It is also the last day of the Chinese Lunar New Year (元宵节) which is also the Chinese Valentine’s Day. 

Was at my MIL’s place this morning to help out for the praying of the ancestors. We have to prepare some food, rice and incense paper to burn to the ancestors so that they can use it at their afterlife place.

After the morning stopover at MIL’s place, I went for a short shopping trip at Bugis before heading to my grandma’s place.

My cousin happened to be around today, she is waiting for her ‘A’ Level’s results, thus having a break period now. As today is 元宵节, grandma also need to pray our ancestors. We helped out with the preparation, there wasn’t much to be prepared compared to my MIL’s side. We helped to cook the rice and fold the incense paper into sycee shape. The rest of the food and drinks were bought from the hawker center.

In the past, during the praying of the ancestors, we have to prepare quite a number of food and were all homemade dishes. As time passes, my grandma has grown older and weaker, nowadays, she just cook rice and buy the vegetarian dishes. My heart breaks when I look at my grandma. Sadness set in immediately looking at how she moves and the pitiful dishes on the ancestors table. Time and tide waits for no man..

Since today is the last day of CNY, our family usually gather around to have dinner which is about 20 odd persons. But this year, I saw nobody, except my cousin and my dad. Our family is broken. I can feel the loneliness in my grandma’s eyes and she looks so sad.

I just don’t know what should I do anymore to help.

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