We had a day trip to Malacca today with hubby’s family. Is not the first time hubby and I have been to Malacca. We made our virgin trip there last November to celebrate our 1st near anniversary. It was a impromptu decision then!

As Malacca Central is not a very big place to tour around, thus we made the decision to go for a day trip. But we still packed a day’s clothes in the event we need to stay there for a night. Since is a day trip and in order to beat the crowd, MIL and BIL came to pick us up at 6.15am in the morning! *Yawnz* that’s early. Haha..

We woke up even early to have our breakfast and coffee before embarking on the journey..

I love starting the day early, there were hardly any cars at the customs, it was a breeze stamping and verification. Then we start the 246km journey from Singapore to Malacca. Hubby took over the wheels after the customs checkpoint as he knew the way and most importantly, he drives way faster than BIL. >_<

At about 8.45am, we reached Malacca! Can you imagine how fast the journey was when the traffic is smooth with a fast driver! At las! I was so glad! After we parked our car, we made our first food stop at a Low Yong Moh Restaurant Dim Sum that we patron in the previous trip. I thought the food tasted normal, not too sure why hubby likes it. Maybe because it was a memorable trip with me previously? Keke..

Assorted Dim Sum

Then we walked around the town, then brought MIL and BIL to visit the Baba and Nyonya Peranakan Museum, Red Square (Dutch Square) and the Famosa Fort. After the visit and sightseeings in the burning hot sun, we need to crunch our thirst and to satisfy BIL’s sweet tooth, thus we made our way to Bikini Toppings.

We ordered 2 different flavoured shakes and 2 coconut juice!

Coconut Shake with Chendol Ice-Cream

Not so sure about the hype of this blended drink, but it certainly cool us down. The one below was certainly a hit among the brothers.

Coconut Shake with Yam Ice-Cream

After replenishing our thirsty body, we moved on to walk around the Jonker Walk, browsing through the shops that repeatedly selling similar things.

Finally, is lunch time! Coming to Malacca, means we should have a taste the famous chicken rice balls! BIL decided to try the famous shop Hoe Kee Chicken Rice 和记鸡饭 after looking at the long queue at Chung Wah Chicken Rice and hubby and I have tried it before. So we made a move there, the shop is quite spacious, pretty clean and well lighted compared to Chung Wah Chicken Rice shop.

Since we were pretty much still full from the coconut drinks and were just there to have a taste of the food, we ordered a 2 persons chicken rice with chicken rice balls. One thing I dislike about the ordering system is that it is mandatory to order chicken rice balls with chicken rice in plates. This is unlike the one with Chung Wah, where they just give you chicken rice balls. Anyway, the food came pretty quickly.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice (和记鸡饭)

Moment of truth!

BIL: 咦,为什么 chicken rice ball 是冷的?(Why is the chicken rice ball cold?)

MIL: 你们不觉得 Sembawang 的比较好吃?(Don’t you all think that, the chicken rice at Sembawang is better?)

Hubby: Chicken rice ball,这里的比较好吃。(The chicken rice ball here is better than Chung Wah.)

Me: *忙着吃* (*Busy eating*)

After the disappointing meal, we head off to hubby’s favourite street food, 臭豆腐。。

Then we walked around and bought some snacks back and made our way back to Johor. Along the way, we stopped by Giant! The favourite place of MIL and myself, Supermarkets! Wahaha.. Cannot imagine, we were there for like about an hour? Keke. The we travelled for about 2 hours to reach JB for early dinner of the usual Bak Kut Teh we always eat in JB.

Bak Kut Teh

Braised Tofu


After the finally satisfying meal, we made our way home, spending 30 minutes jamming at the Singapore Custom?!! WTH… Is jammed in Singapore, not Malaysia..

A day trip is Malacca is fine to see the little central city, but food wise, to be honest, I think we have much better food in Singapore.

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