About a year ago, had a tai tai wannabe outing with 2 friends. Today, went out with another friend from the same group for our tai tai wannabe session!

This friend has just resigned from the same company as I did a month ago. However, the difference is, she has found a job before the resignation, unlike me! Anyway, today is the first day of her precious resting days. Yes, precious, because she only has 4 days of weekday rest and she is going to start working next week again!

Now, this tai tai wannabe has a recent discovery with her colleagues about this yummy Vietnamese Restaurant in the Joo Chiat area (yeah, the infamous Joo Chiat neighbours dispute), so we meet up at the Bedok Interchange to get to the place together!

Why did I mentioned Bedok Interchange? Hehe, because, ever since I have this roundy hubby of mine, I have been spoilt by him. Going everywhere will be ferried by his car since we made this agreement that if I  where to stay in such a ULU place, he has to ferry me everywhere and anywhere! HAHAHA! But, now that I am not working, means I have to get to the destination by myself during his working days. Thus, I took a bus from one bus interchange to another bus interchange! Not forgetting that I still have to take feeder bus to the interchange in order to take the bus to Bedok Interchange. It was a 90 minutes (1hr 30 minutes) journey in total! My butt almost cracked with a flower! Thank goodness, my phone survived the journey with me.

Alright enough of the rambling, so after the meet up, we took a bus (yes, bus ride again!) to fill up our not-so-hungry stomach. When we arrived at the Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant / coffee shop house, the first impression I had was, it is a very humble coffee shop with the typical Vietnamese style that I have seen when I visited Vietnam many years back. Without further ado, we picked up the menu and start glancing through to see which item that catches our attention. Well, since we are in a Vietnamese restaurant, we should always order the Pho, Spring Rolls and Coffee right? That’s what they are famous for!  

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant

Did not manage to take any nice pictures! Anyway, we ordered a Beef Pho, Chicken Pho, Fried Springroll, Ice Coffee and Hot Coffee. The soup base is super delicious, is very much like the ones that I tasted in Vietnam. But I still think the best Pho I had is in Melbourne. Lol.. Btw, the staff working at the place are mostly Vietnamese, thus it should be quite authentic? But there is one part that I thought is not authentic, the Pho did not come with the standard plate of raw vegetables. The vegetables are already added into the bowl of Pho. But well, I guess because Singaporeans has yet to appreciate the way how Vietnamese eats? Nevertheless, I think is worth trying out this place when one happens to be around that area.

After the satisfying meal, we head off to Orchard with a bus ride AGAIN! Haha.. Did a lot of research on the food that I need to buy for Paleo Diet. Recently been reading alot about this diet. I am thinking of converting into this diet as much as possible. Starting it slow!

Walking and walking, then we went for a short tea break at Paris Baguette located at Wisma. Oddly, both of us did not order any bakery! I am so proud of us! 1 coffee for her and a pot of tea for me. The pot of tea (I think is Lemon Ginger) cost $11 which is a packet of tea bag of an unknown brand. Is not worth the money at all! I rather spend $15 to $17 to buy a box of Gryphon Tea (Lemon Ginger Mint) which consists of 20 sachets and taste so much better! A self reminder to never order tea outside if they are using unknown packet tea bags.

After the short tea break, we headed home, we needed to beat the peak hour crowd! Singapore is PACK. We are like sardines in the sandwich during peak hours with all the unwanted “aroma” and “sauces”. Yikes!

Surprisingly, we did not really shop nor behave like a tai tai, guess that’s why we are still Tai Tai Wannabe! ^_^

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