Life has been challenging for me recently. A change of job and with my grandma falling sick.

These recent events have made me realised and the need to acknowledge that I am not a person who can handle high amount of stress and the need to take a step back when I am stress.

I have recently started a new job after taking a break for 4 months. Work has been stressful and is far from where I am staying. Daily total transportation journey is about 2.5 hrs. Is a small environment compared to my previous company. Lots of new things that I have not done before. Don’t really like my boss and don’t really like my scope of work that I thought I might pick up an interest. Is still too early to judge given the fact that I have only worked for a month. Due to the recent incident of my grandma, I have actually submitted my resignation to my company since I don’t like the job, is far and my grandma is sick. But my company has been really understanding and accommodating, instead of accepting the resignation, they have countered proposed to allow me take no pay leave even though I am just a newly joined new comer. I am really grateful for this option that they have given me, thus, in the dilemma of going back to work. 

My grandma has fallen sick. She has suffered from lung inflammation and mild stroke. Thank goodness, her lung inflammation has been cleared but the mild stroke has caused the right side of her body to become very weak that she can’t move by herself nor support herself. The stroke has also caused her throat to become weak, thus unable to take solid food and currently on tube feeding. Is such as saddening sight. Within a week, from being able to walk to not being able to walk, so depressing. But we are fortunate that the doctor mentioned that my grandma’s heart and kidney is in good condition given her age. We were really happy to hear that. At the same time, the doctors also mentioned that grandma will not be able to recover back to the past where she can move around by herself. 

During this period, have seen the true colours and ugly sides of my relatives. The worst one is the one that just talk nonsense and not helping. Stop telling my grandma that, “everyone is here”, or what “everyone is ok and good and no need to worry any more”! She still wants to live! Else, why does she says that she is hungry and wants to eat!??? Moreover, the doctor already mentioned that she is still healthy!!! If you don’t want to help, is fine, just don’t make things worse by sprouting all the nonsense!!! You go away!

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  • September 13, 2015 at 8:52 pm

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