Career Crisis

Been having lots of thought about my current job. Reluctancy to continue my current job, long working hours and no satisfaction. Due to the long working hours, there is no personal time, love time, family time, friends time. I have


Hehe, yes, I’ve got promoted. Finally, after 2 years. Was very disappointed last year that I was recommended and approved for promotion, but I didn’t get promoted. Last year, my new boss which is my current boss told me he


这段对话发生在我工作的地方。。 君A:这些都是孩子。。 君B:这么多孩子啊。。会有孙子吗? 君A:不会有孙子,最多两层。。 君B:嗨。。都是蜘蛛网。。 君A:没办法。。。 他们在谈论数据库的设计。。 ^O^


1) I have not been shitting since Sunday. 2) I have not done my assignment when I have a draft submission on 27th May 2010. 3) I have not completed my module design when I have to complete it by

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